Time has flown by this time and I am happy to write that I ran my first 5 miles today! The last mile was tough because I had to stop and go but it was worth it. My right side hurt from it from it as well so I came home and slept for 2 hours. A good super exhausted feeling.  And ahhhh cool bed sheets.  No brace, life is great.  The doctors advise to progress slowly and exercise based upon how I feel.  So far so good.  They say 6 months and I will feel normal…as I still can feel the bars and am numb to the touch. I still cannot twist such as in the car when going backwards to turn around. I will not be able to ski nor bike because falling at this point could cause the bars to shift and if they do, will find myself back at the Mayo Hospital in Phoenix. Running was a risk, will see how the evening goes. Gnite!