Its been a very uncomfortable week since I tried to exercise with 2 lb weights and garden.  Not sure exactly what happened but assume the bending over and picking up pots that I thought were okay to lift, has now caused me so much pain.  The back pain that radiates to the right front side is excruiating.  I noticed it start to throb going to work on-site for the first time on Tuesday of this week, driving for an hour. I am taking ibuprofen, getting into the hot tub and not wearing my brace. The brace is starting to hurt my ribs through tension.  I will be careful next time… no lifting, no matter how tempting! Just love being at the house more… it has always been a sanctuary during each day and season.

Today – will write some more in Hensel and Gretel.  That title needs to be changed to something simpler and maybe have the background resemble the old story.  Also working on word logic puzzles to get back to where I was before the surgery.  So much to write, not enough attention, must focus.