What can I say… I am, no longer, a dead animal flesh connoisseur.  I see post rigamortis in these poor animals and why do I need to eat that to survive?  Most people are naive about what food really is and justify their “need” for a carcass.  It is ONLY due to their addicted taste to it, nothing more, nothing less.  I don’t believe anyone that says they eat it for protein because most aren’t nutritionally interested in their health as is evident by looking at their bodies.  Most don’t even know what else is in their meat they are eating and don’t seem to care.  I think these people need to see the product… so all the meat eaters need to go to the slaugterhouse and see your next meal.  See how innocent they are.  With a full nervous system, see how it cries from being uncomfortable and tortured.  See how it cries out loud after living a life inside its container for its entire life. And see how the poor mothers give birth and look for their young. See how its lifeless body falls into knee deep excrement.  The meat is packaged up with top shelf ecoli and other bacteria for you to ingest alive or dead.  The milk is full of puss from their infections.  It tastes good so it must be good.  If you can get enough protein elsewhere, then the answer is obvious.  No debate needed here.  Once an addict… you know the drill.

For those of you that don’t fit into the above statement please let me know. It shouldn’t make you mad because it is not singling you out… or IS it?