So now I am 7 weeks post op.  Am currently on prescription ibuprofen and continuing to eat good nurtritious food.  What I forgot to mention was that I had to go to the ER a week after my return home because my oxygen dropped to dangerous levels…the lowest was 78%.  The hospital checked for pneumonia or clots but what they found was that I had a lot of fluid in the pleural cavity.  They decided not to do a thoracentesis and sent me home with supplemental oxygen.  That lasted for a while until the visit with my Pulmonologist, Dr. Good. He ordered an x ray and found that my chest cavity was full of fluid and my lungs were compressed.  So basically I couldn’t breathe well at all.  He decided to do a thoraentesis and drained quite a bit… a 1.2 liters.  He could only drain one side at a time due to possible lung collapse.  Ugh.

So after bouts of uncomfortableness, sadness and pain, I am starting to feel better.  It is still hard to sleep the way I want and I feel popping sensations in the chest. I am able to walk well but am having a hard time driving.  I will attempt to drive to town tomorrow.

What does it look like?  I have 2 large steel/nickel horizontal bars implanted under the ribs. They have been sewn on with metal wire.  The two scars are just below my breasts, so they will be mostly covered and eventually fade out.  Overall I am pleased with the outcome.  My chest looks normal now and my CT scan shows a heart that has placed itself in the correct position and my lungs have room to expand as well as the liver.  I always feel the bars inside pushing out while my body wants to return to where it was before.  My torso in the area still feels very numb to the touch.  Not sure if the feeling will ever return although I feel stinging sensations all around this area.

Will post again soon….