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Hello again… its been a while… but… let me introduce “Kefir”.  He is a dreamy white long-haired little kitty.  Super funny and lovin life.. he climbs across the bookshelves like a expert rock climber somehow crossing each shelf as if there is a ledge.  Push ups.  Somehow.  He notices when there are animals on tv and jumps to greet them, only to be ignored. Poor lil guy.   He finds the arms in jackets so he can peer at you at the ends with the ears plugged on its ends.  A burrito with a face.

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  1. cyc Post author

    Haha! Kefir has a nickname… “Little Focker”!! He does a lil booty dance/ bread making routine all over every fuzzy item in the house. Not nice LF… I am making a scarf with that yarn!

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