He was my love for 19 years.  I remember seeing him for the first time – his zest, friendliness and his most unusual sound, one in which I now know, was an intense intrigue and interest in me.  It took a little bit of time to earn his trust, but when I did, we were inseparable.  We went everywhere together from Arizona, to Texas, Houston and Austin, to Colorado, Longmont, Denver and Golden.  He was perfect in my eyes, beautiful, with long black/brown hair and large gold eyes.  He was a big darling boy – squeaking for words, fetching paper balls, and sitting center stage during my violin sessions and singing fits.  I made music for him and he showered me with sweet gazes.  He would come snuggle under the covers with me (with his face sticking out), practice “making biscuits” on my back, and understood my emotions very well.  When he sensed sadness, he would come lay by and rub my neck.  He was a old kitty soul that helped me so much throughtout the times.  He always knew what to do to.  In 2008, he started to have glaucoma and kidney issues – it was not visible until I took him to the vet in late 2009 because he seemed lethargic.  The vet gave him a kidney flush and stated he had 25% vision in his eyes and that he needs to be on k/d prescription food.  JL appeared to improve some.  Today was the sadest day in my life (thus far).  I noticed he was having trouble walking and eating.  He has been slowly starving to death.  The vet took a blood test and found all kidney enzymes extremely high and low levels of blood cells.  His glucose level indicated diabetes.  I had to have JL euthanized because they only gave him a couple of days to 2 weeks.  I could not take him home knowing that I would have to bring him back again.  I could not watch while he starved to death, vomited or had seizures.  It was absolutely painful for me, so much so, that I cried all day long for many days and everytime I think of it, my heart races.  I still cannot believe he is gone.  I held him in my arms while he became cold, asked for forgiveness and buried him in the backyard.  I love him so very much, God please keep him safe and happy for me.  JL, I hope I helped you too.  Love you,  My Beloved Pookie Face – 7/09/11.