I am pleased to write about my visit to National Jewish Hospital for a pulmonary consultation.  My referral was to Dr. Good.  I was very impressed.  He thoroughly discussed my records, spoke to me in a manner that answered ALL my questions (without me asking them).  Dr. G was sincere about helping me determine the exact area of my shunting and spent 2.5 hours with me discussing anatomy and also the chemistry behind the mechanics of lung and heart function.  Dr. G stated that he will find the answer.  So I am scheduled for many tests:  Bronchial Provocation, hypoxic and hypercapnic procedure, exercise tolerance w/ arterial line and a shunt study procedure.  In between this time, they have also set me up with their cardiologist named, Dr. Buckner and then a follow up with Dr. Good.  The only part that makes me nervous is the arterial line they will place in my wrist!