On Sept 8th, Dr. Jeff Rubinstein tried to attach the Amplatzer device.  It took approximately 3 hours but it was not successful.  The rationale is unclear although I continue to have significant right-left shunting, continued symptoms and the diagnosis remains.  I have been referred to another physician named Dr. John Caroll at the Anshutz Uuniversity Medical Center in Aurora.  I will be going through further testing using more sophisticated technology to determine the cause and placement and to attempt to repeat the procedure in the future.  UPDATE: 10.16.09:  schedule another TEE, but this time it is in 3-D. woooooooooo. 11.08.09:  It is unclear  what I may have/combination of issues I have at this point.  I am wearing a monitoring device and a CTA was performed, awaiting results. LATEST: 1.28.10: I may have a pulmonary shunt, referred to National Jewish Hospital, the place to go supposedly.  Appointment not until April though.