Its been a wild work life the past year.  So to keep sane, interests from the past and present have come into light.  I’ve always liked cuckoo clocks but never had it in my focus until recently… I bought my first clock at the Brass Armadillo Antique Store in Arvada, CO.  I’ve seen it before, but it grew on me the second time around.  Lonely and sad, it needed a home where it could tic toc and sing every 1/2 hour and on the hour.  Come to find out, one clerk told me that a co-worker is considered a cuckoo doctor and is actually labeled as such!  So, after arriving at his house, or rather his cuckoo nest, I realized I found a gem of a person, one that is very kind and fabulous and has a love of these clocks as evidenced on all of his walls.  After a little while, I noticed a couple more little ones, sad and lonely and guess what?  They have a new happy home.  So….. after a long while (well a month), I was browsing Ebay and noticed a 1900’s very old elaborately carved clock but it had a reserve… how lucky was I that it had a reserve of $50 but no one wanted to bid because they thought that it would sell for $$$$.  It is in my basement waiting for the Cuckoo Dr.’s prognosis.  It is beautiful.. dark walnut wood, bone hands, and nice round pendulum.  The second distraction to work is my love of playing the violin.  The first one I’ve had was from 1982.. a stradivarius copy, a good copy made in Mittenwald, Germany.  Very good indeed.  BUT… I was curious to see what Ebay had, not intending to buy anything like that on a online auction site but I was amazed to see so many.  I found one that was old and had a unknown maker label on it and was located in Prague.  All I wanted was a really old violin with no interest in the labels as they are usually all fake.  The name appears genuine but really hard to read dating 1894.  If anyone knows of someone that can read old handwriting, please let me know!  Regardless I wanted the sense of an instrument that had been played for a long time, with history, knowing that many people have played it, the places its been.  I received it in May and without being set up, sounds amazing… loud, crisp, even, very resonate and caramelly.  The last description of the sound was hard to describe.. could be the oldness that I have not ever experienced.  I’ve given it to a local luthier to examine and set up properly… so far it only needs the fingerboard resurfaced a little and a chinrest. Can’t wait to get it back so I can play! Lastly, the awe and deliciousness of dried food!  Received the excalibur drier for my bday and have dried just about every fruit and vegetable.  My favs are green apple and tomato.  Beef jerky was also made and turned out very good.  Experimentation is in full force, have already made brandy infused peaches and tomato with taco and onion seasoning.  No other word comes to mind except for amazing!