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I’m reading  a book by Matt Ridley that is “the autobiography of a species in 23 chapters”.  The retelling of our chromosomes and history.  I recommend this book to anyone that is not well versed but interested in genetics.


First Time Record on Cérvelo (36 min)

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Categories: Lookout Mtn Cycle Time

I started my time from the green light at 6th Avenue and 19th Street, stared at my watch (11:30), sprinted up to the towers, made it up to Windy Gap at about 17 minutes and then increased rpm and speed to the top which clocked at 12:06p.  The gusts of wind at times made it a little more difficult but it wasn’t too promlematical.  I need to use a heart monitor next time because I was not overburdened; however,  my legs complained some from the higher gears.  Knees were ok so I will continue to try and increase the speed as times go on.  Again, I was not in the lowest gear on a 12-27, 39-53!!  Well, second to the lowest. 


Cérvelo Soloist Carbon Dura Ace Gruppo


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It came with the Dura Ace 7800 crank, I am wondering if I should get a compact crank set.  My stock one is 12-27 and 53-39.  I am traveling at the edge of my ability but feel I can get the strength needed during the year.  I have tried Lookout without too much trouble with a gear or two to spare at times; however, want to go do Mt. Evans.  Any suggs, or can someone comment on the difficulty using this set up?

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